• New York Butcher Shoppe, Birmingham, AL (0) January 21, 2013

    Thanks so much to Jim at The NY Butcher Shoppe in Cahaba Heights for bringing in both the Mile Marker Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir as part of his wine club for January. We’re so happy to have the wines for sale there!

  • What's the biggest vessel you've ever drank out of??? (0) October 28, 2011

    OK, so we know you can buy a bottle,

    Normal Sized Mile Marker

    and on the special occasion, why not spring for the big bottle (these are available, by the way!)

    Mile Marker 3L


    But how about out of keg???  Yup, we’ve got it!  The picture below shows us getting our kegs ready to fill with Mile Marker Pinot Gris, now available at Two Urban Licks.  If you’re in Atlanta, swing by and order up a thief!

    Mile Marker Kegs


  • Great new review of our Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir! (0) October 28, 2011

    Check out this great review of our wines from Atlantic Wine, in Atlanta, GA!  Thanks for the kind words!

    Dear Wine Lover, Every week we taste tons of wine to ferret out those special wines that are deserving of a place at your table. Recently, we found two terrific, bargain-priced wines from Oregon that are real crowd pleasers! The wines are the 2009 Mile Marker Pinot Gris and the 2009 Mile Marker Pinot Noir. These are sensational values that I think are an absolute steal!

    When you pour the Pinot Gris into a glass, the first thing that you notice is the gorgeous, slightly golden color. When you swirl, aromas of ripe white peaches, golden delicious apples with a touch of pineapple waft from your glass. Take a sip and the luscious fruit flavors dance around your mouth, seemingly touching every tastebud. Rich, but not sweet because of a fine underlying acidity that keeps everything in balance. The finish is long and pure. This little jewel is extremely versatile, pairing wonderfully with fish, pork, light cheese or numerous vegetarian dishes.The Pinot Noirhas a lovely opaque, ruby red color with aromas of ripe red cherry and a touch of wild herb. This is a juicy little devil with flavors of bright bing cherry, raspberry and a hint of mulberry that lead into a lively, persistent finish. Fruity and open-knit, this accompanies fish, pork or fowl to perfection.These are tasty, everyday wines that won’t break the bank.


  • Mile Marker Wine Co. in Birmingham, Alabama (0) September 27, 2011

    This past Friday, September 23, I was able to participate in a great event with the Western Supermarkets in Birmingham, Alabama.  They hold a food & wine (the most important part, of course!) tasting that benefits the Emmet O’Neal Library.  This allowed me to pour the Mile Marker Wines for the first time in Alabama!  The response was great, and it the Pinot Noir was the first empty bottle of the table!  Thanks to all those that stopped by, and to my distributor The Source!


    Click the link for more info on Western Supermarkets!


  • Summer 2011 (0) August 31, 2011

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