Learning about wine can be a challenging experience.  As owners of Mile Marker Wine Co., Lisa Bonet and Bobby Flournoy traveled the world, via wine glass, and have tasted beautiful Burgundies, rich Napa Cabernets,   and delicious Tempranillos.  Wines stood out when they could tell the story of where they came from.  Aromas of Willamette Valley to that very specific sense of terroir that can only be found in the Russian River to the minerality of the Rhone, each wine taste differently when it was allowed to show it’s sense of place.  What  describes a journey that showcases different regions, terroirs and varietals grown around that world, and celebrate that sense of place?  Mile Markers.


Found along side every road we travel, denoting how far you’ve gone or have yet to go, those green Mile Marker signs help take you on your trip.  Mile Marker Wine Co. takes you on a different journey, one that allows an affordable opportunity to taste wines from around the world, made to emulate the best characteristics of each region.  Each Mile Marker number on the bottle corresponds to the location of the vineyards where the grapes were grown, giving that sense of place we love about wine.


With our first release,  we take the journey on OR State Route 99, through the heart of the Willamette Valley, where at Mile Marker 71 you’ll stop in McMinnville, OR.  We hope you enjoy our first release of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, and other Mile Markers in the near future.


Mile Marker Wine Co. was started by Lisa Bonet and Bobby Flournoy.  With the help of our Winemaker Rob Stuart, support from our friends and family, and a little bit of good luck, we launched our little winery in January of 2010.  We hope you enjoy our wines, and look forward to sharing a glass with you soon!